Saturday, April 21, 2007

Refining the American~Norseman Blades

Now this time after the show was an important time for me concerning Bladesmithing, in developing my own personal style, truly original with the extensive hand forging and Blacksmithing. With this concept brought into blades that are smaller than Swords-but with some of the same construction, It gives a unique look and feel as well as strength. I will take my Nordic pattern billet and forge this in the same way as a Viking Sword with a fuller that ends where the wrap around the end begins. Making a 5” to 10” knife, American Style with Nordic aspects.
The same will be done with Saber constructed knives.
Hence... Steel hardware, fittings on a fullered blade with a distal taper, curved guards and the influence of swords forged into a smaller knife. Pieces of history and culture put together into a smaller knife.

This will be my trademark style or personal stamp whatever you’d like to call it. First will be a Nordic constructed blade-A composite of multiple billets, profiled American Style, Stag handle with the theme mind when constructing the piece. ~What would a Bowie look like if the Vikings would have stayed in America~
This will be altered and refined in future pieces trying to get a look similar to that of cutting a Bowie or a hunter styled knife out of the end of a sword.
Next will be the Saber Bowie, Forged Steel Fittings guard with a blade. Double wire wrapped Ray skin handle, fullered cable blade. I will also mix and match these 2 styles, the future styles will be … (In the works)

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