Saturday, April 21, 2007

It is now early 2007

I have finally put together a small inventory of my concept knives, with the help of one of my supporters who fronted me all the leather tooling and scabbard making supplies in trade for one of the show knives. My Sweeti helped me do all the scabbards, “hand tooled by an authentic Norwegian”

Also, I added the “Sparrow Cutlass”-I must have rewound the props managers clip on “Dead Mans Chest” about 50 times to get a look at the authentic 1650’s Cutlass Jack Sparrow used, he said it felt better than all modern day props, made for the move –“Balanced and Quick” I thought Ahh, I know why- It’s a characteristic of a well forged blade. I had to do one for the show. So it was going to be 320 layers of folded steel in this quick little Saber. A X&O pattern, Fullered, distal taper, forged hand guard made of steel, hollow steel pommel, wire wrapped leather handle-I may change to just leather like the original (Maybe), …Beautiful and Quick a success for me.

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