Thursday, April 19, 2007

It’s now Fall of 2005…

Farrier Business keeps me busy, I’m starting to think of the 2006 OKCA Blade Show. I’ve printed 4 pictures from the web of a German Rapier being built, I just had to do it.
I sure could have used about 20 more pictures of the steps of the steps in between. But after several try’s and destroyed pieces over several days. I finally did it, Determination or just Bull headed, whatever you call it was success to build on. ~is anything ever truly mastered?” I think not”

As I work on Blades with Pattern welded designs such as Lucifer’s Lace, X&O’s, Viking constructed Blades, Etc. I test the steels, I use the swords and Knives in Hoof Knives. I use them daily, Some Damascus, Some single alloy, m2, 15n20, 1080 and Etc. I do prefer 15N20.

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