Saturday, April 21, 2007

2006 Blade Show

Cutlass Steel Hilted Saber and below a Steel Cutlass with A pattern welded Hunter

This 2nd show was a little difficult to put together very much inventory. The time for preparation is less than you think, out of all the blades I work on at the same time only half actually make it to completion, The same is still true today.

The 2006 show went about the same as the last. I added to my inventory a Viking Constructed Sword, the German Rapier, A Cutlass made from Cable, 2 Axes, A Short Sword in a Lucifer’s Lace pattern Damascus and several smaller blades.

My first Butterfly Damascus knife

My first American~Norseman Concept Blade

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Salt Water said...

Wow! It is late and looking at that Cutlass Steel Saber makes me want to wake the wife. Looks good!