Friday, May 28, 2010

Fur Trade Axes

I've been making 1st half (1820-1850's) 19th century fur trade axes, and also 18th century (1700's) trade axes, also referred to as the Belt Axe, Tomahawk, and or Hatchet etc. I stay true to the period in their construction, hand forging & hand welding the poll onto the bar to be the axe on the 19th century &

Forging the poll on the 18th century axe, Both types are steeled in the bit, hardened & tempered.

Originally Iron was used with a file steel as the insert for the bit. I will have only a limited number of authentic iron with steel bit as the true wrought Iron is hard & expensive to acquire. So I've decided to use patterned steel as axe stock, keeping the construction historically correct and voila!

Fur Trade Axes ~Modified~