Saturday, April 21, 2007

The 2007 OKCA Blade show

The 2007 show in Eugene was nice, the table was set for the display and Jerry got to pick his blade, then he changed his mind to pick another.
I said: “Are you sure?
He said:”Yeah, It’s really tough to pick just one.”
I thought to myself, he must have really liked them and I wanted it to be tough for him to choose. Great feedback from the show, Future commissioned work for some antiques replacements, compliments from other makers, Makes for a successful show for me.


Anonymous said...

Very nice metal work. Takes talent.

Sweeti said...


STAG said...

Very pretty. And moreover, they look to be quite functional as well...something a LOT of folded metal is not! I don't do a lot of forge work...mine is all cold metal. But I make a nice armour! The anvil rings plenty in MY shop!

I'll bookmark this page...think I'll be back.