Thursday, April 19, 2007

Now it’s summer of 2005…

Rodeo season for my brothers~they usually come to stay at our place over the 4th of July, with a group of guys that compete in the same Pro Steer wrestling events with the Columbia River Circuit.
I thought this year I would make a private competition among the group. The fastest time receives the Cable Bowie knife, It was fun to do.
Sam Mackenzie out of Jordan Valley, ID Won, My Brother Carl was pissed. I don’t expect he’ll be traveling with Carl next year.

The rest of this year, when time would allow I was working on Mosaics, and patterns on blades. Also, working on Rapiers and Sabers. I really want to increase my skills on the hand forged intricate hilts. They look so good when the turnout, especially with the wider Battle blades that still have edge cutting capabilities. Not to mention the folded steel patterns that can be part of such a blade.

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