Friday, February 23, 2018

Stacking Handle material on Viking Seax

Now I've chosen the materials for my handle.
Stag horn, pure Nickle shims, Buckeye wood stabilized and leather.

And see there its Ferdig, Fini, Finished!

The making of Iron guard and seize fitting on Seax blade

Here I have chosen a piece of wrought iron for the guard material. I also have imprinted the iron in preparation for the drilling of pilot holes for the drifting in the next step.
This drilled iron is ready for slotting to size of the tang 1" from the ricasso. With a little filing, I will fit it closer prior to the seize fit.

and the seize fitting

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Fuller Forging

Once my Seax is profiled. I free hand fuller under hammer. Note* This does take some practice. It's a fast way to Fuller as well and equally as fast to screw up too! Top and bottom fuller dies don't leave much room for mistakes. Putting pressure of the blade on the bottom die keeps it from bouncing out of position. On the next posting I will draw out some wrought iron for a guard and do a seize fitting.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Forging and profiling a Viking Seax videos

Reference for forging a Viking Seax videos

 Video #1 I'm making a few Seaxes for inventory. I start with a 1"square and 7" long bar for a 12" to 14" blade (approx).
I start under the hammer with tip formation. the widest section of the blade is forged to 2" or more.  Its done sideways under hammer with subtle draw dies. The length ways for the draw and rough profile.
In the 2nd and 3rd videos
Finishing the blade tip by hand is very rewarding because it reveals the character of the blade with each blow of the hammer.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Back in the Blacksmith shop

Projects of plenty and events yet to come inspires the sweat and toil necessary to produce one of a kind items from Union Hall Forge.
Sometimes I get to do a task that allows me to  sit on my arse and that's a good thing!
Thus, the filing work in the picture with my playlist blaring and a beer within reach.  It's all good!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Impulsive inspiration

Practice Run through 1st prototype of Creed 3 belt axe...Because I can.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Trade Axes~Post to Park 2012

This last winter I was asked by NPR Mike Twist to produce 4 Fur Trade Axes, these were to be for future ceremonial events, gifts to present to dignitaries. Of course it was a privilege to accept this task. I have been concentrating on reproducing artifacts of this style and others for a few years now.

I rely heavily on Mike Twist for direction in accuracy, periods and interpretations of axes in our history. They remind me of time capsules in and of themselves.

I made these out of wrought iron, all are square polled. (That is an extra piece of wrought iron forge welded opposite of the bit) File steel is inserted and forge welded in the business end of the axe then hardened and tempered.

I touch marked them with my makers mark W.S., and then I used locally acquired Ash wood for the handles. I also added an axe necklace to each axe for an added embellishment. These pieces are as accurate as I could achieve, even the axe on the necklace was a reproduction of a recovered artifact at the Fort.

Memorial Day

This was a historical event for Fort Vancouver National Park.
The presentation of the Flag to the NPS from Brigadier General Alton Berry U.S.Army Reserve

First Flag raised by NPS 2012

21 Gun Salute by NPS
A changing of the guard after 160 years and a grand ceremony with tradition exercised from the past and brought forth into the present of the Fort.

The dignitaries speaking were:

Brigadier General Alton Berry, Commanding General 88th Regional Support Command, United States Army Reserve.

Brigadier General Kurt Hardin, Commander 104th Training Division (Leader Training) United States Army Reserve.

Christine H. Lehnertz, Regional Director of Pacific West Region, National Park Service.

Tracy Fortmann Superintendent, Fort Vancouver National Historical Site Nation Park Service.

Larry J. Smith Mayor Pro Tem, City of Vancouver, WA

The Honorable Jaime Herrera Beutler, Congresswoman 3rd. District of Washington.

Two of the four axes were presented by Tracy Fortmann Superintendent to Brigadier General Alton Berry and Colonel Peter J. Norseth Commander, 2nd BDE/95th Division.

It was an honor for me to be chosen from the Trades Guild, (current President Craig Webster) to produce these Axes that symbolize the labors of Park employees, Park Rangers and Volunteers work that makes it possible to reproduce and interpret the historical splendors that Fort Vancouver National Historic site has to offer.

Other random pictures from the days events are located
at the link from this blog link below.